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Financial operations
Legal matters
Call for tender and market development
Image crisis and destabilisation campaign


Advox&Co is a crisis and influence communication agency. 

Advox&Co assists its clients in strategic operations, both in France and abroad.

The company is part of the strategic intelligence corporate group Altum&Co, alongside Axis&Co (economic intelligence) and Cartesian Lab (cybersecurity).

Hence, Advox&Co stands out from other communication agencies through its ability to collect and exploit high value-added information.

The team is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in communications, media relations, investigation, and digital affairs. Holding more than 20 years of experience and experts in sensitive situations, they put their know-how and their networks at the service of leaders.







and analysis


The agency primarily intervenes for companies (from SMEs to CAC 40), governmental and non-governmental organisations and individuals, particularly in the context of:


The agency primarily intervenes for companies (from SMEs to CAC 40), governmental and non-governmental organisations and individuals, particularly in the context of:


In different circumstances: stock market disputes, unfair competition, counterfeiting, fraud, etc.

The assistance and advice are adapted to each situation: provision of sensitive and exploitable information, guidance in the development of internal and external communication strategy, etc.

Financial operations

Particularly knowledgeable with financial issues, the firm assists its clients with their mergers and acquisitions, takeovers (solicited and unsolicited), capital increases, etc.

Legal matters

In close cooperation with law firms, Advox&Co assists and supports its clients in legal proceedings.

Call for tender and
market development

In France and abroad, Advox&Co places its expertise and networks at the service of its clients.

Image crisis and destabilisation campaign

Advox&Co is a strong ally in situations where the target is a physical and/or legal person. Risk audit, collection of high added value information and mobilisation of the necessary stakeholders.



Authoritative information
in the service of influence

An approach that combines the best of human and technology.



Particularly rigorous processes in order to guarantee total and permanent confidentiality.

Internal team is dedicated to swift mobilisation.

Team members adhere to a strict code of conduct – sole use of legitimate information.



Michel has over 15 years of experience in the competitive intelligence industry focusing on influence and public affairs. As director with Axis&Co, he led missions for large corporations and international organizations in litigation support, corporate raids and market expansion in France as well as internationally. Additionally, he worked in the media industry in France and the US as a developer for editorial contents and documentaries.

He joined ADVOX&CO in 2020 as managing partner.

Michel graduated from the Institut d’Etudes politiques in Toulouse and holds a postgraduate diploma in European Law from Université Paris II.

Alice holds a MSc from EmLyon Business School and a MSc in Business Law from Paris Nanterre University.

Alice worked as a consultant in Parisian communications agencies.

Following these experiences, she joined an investment company where she managed the communication and marketing.

Alice now works as a senior consultant for Advox&Co.

Mélanie has worked for 18 years as a journalist for major French medias: Le Figaro, le Canard Enchaîné (weekly newspaper dedicated to exposing political and financial scandals) and Le Point. She covered for this newsmagazine based in Paris the finance sector, before joining the investigation team. Specialist of the French political and judiciary system, she joined ADVOX&CO in 2020.

Graduated from the Institut d’Etudes politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), she also holds a Master’s degree in management from Université Paris Dauphine (MSG, 2000).

A graduate of the French Military Officer Academy, Saint-Cyr, Jean-Renaud has advised and assisted several opposition movements in many non-democratic states in Asia and Africa.

After serving as Director of Operations for two risk management, business intelligence and investigation companies, he created AXIS&CO at the end of 2005. He has carried out many large-scale missions across all continents for governments, businesses and NGOs. He teaches risk management and business intelligence in several higher education establishments and has published a number of articles and books on the subject.

Etienne started his career in France’s political circles first as a pen and a spin-doctor and eventually an ICT advisor.​

He then joined the burgeoning world of the digital industry such as the Lagardère Group digital spin-off​

Etienne moved on to launch the international expansion of a HR firm, especially in Africa, and led the digitalisation process of two communication agencies.

Prior to joining ADVOX&CO as managing partner, he was overseeing the management and development of the international and sensitive clientele for an e-reputation management agency. ​

After beginning his career as a lobbyist in the mutual insurance industry, Christophe worked as a political advisor and then journalist specialised in economic issues. In 2008 he founded VOX&CO.

He helps businesses and state actors implement influence strategies in order to promote their interests in France and abroad. His assignments include the implementation of decision mapping and operational support of sensitive communication activities.

He is a graduate of Sciences Po Toulouse and of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) in corporate finance.



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